Connected asset and workforce management for Contractors  

Deliver continuous improvement and quality services that add value and benefit to your clients. Connect assets, services and people; make smarter, better decisions and maximise efficiency.

Core Benefits

Grow your contracted services

As you grow your contracted services, maintain the highest standards of service, control and governance with Yotta’s proven, reliable asset management solution.

Retain customers and secure contracts

Delight your existing clients and help secure new business with informed decisions that optimise day to day operational maintenance, repairs and budget control. Plan strategic investment decisions and maximise the effectiveness of your contracts with data-driven insights.

Optimise the services you deliver

Alloy delivers the flexibility your business needs - all without the need for coding skills. Design, track and manage any service or asset - even to a component level – so you’re always in control. Construct and amend any number of workflows for efficient workforce management. Use multiple map-views to visualize and manage assets and services. Create dynamic custom dashboards for informed decision making. With Alloy, you are always in control.

Deliver the flexibility to work anywhere

Alloy mobile delivers online and offline working, synchronised seamlessly with the main Cloud system, to ensure your field staff are always kept up-to-date and details of activities undertaken are easily captured and updated.

Reduce your impact on the environment

Reduce your carbon footprint, save money and help you clients achieve their environmental targets by visualizing jobs and assets and building location-based activities to get the right teams, to the right place at the right time.

Help your clients embrace the IoT future

Manage live updates from IoT sensors and control remote devices such as noise and pollution sensors, condition monitoring devices, streetlight controls, traffic loop counters, fill-level sensors, RFID chips and bin lifts.

Break down operational silos

Remove historic silos with one asset and environmental service management and maintenance solution optimised across a wide range of services. From highways, EV charge networks, drainage and street lighting to services including domestic and commercial waste collection, street cleansing, grounds maintenance, arboreal, playgrounds and estates, Alloy has it covered.

Ensure you are future proofed

Transform how you manage your assets and services with the most innovative asset management solution available.

Next up

Explore the other assets you can manage with Yotta


Take the digital road to a safe, resilient and reliable highway network

Optimise the management, operation, maintenance and improvement of all your highway assets to meet the needs of road users right now and in the future.

Street Lighting

Illuminate your Street Lighting Network

Gain control of all your lighting and illuminated assets in one, smart solution. Streamline your organisation and planning, visualise accurate, real-time information and make intelligent, informed decisions that optimise the lifecycle value of your illuminated assets.

Kickstart your journey to smarter asset management

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