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From the finer details to the bigger picture, Yotta helps organisations — just like yours — manage their infrastructure assets with greater efficiency, speed and clarity than ever before.

Meet the people using using Yotta solutions to transform how they manage their assets

Why Yotta?

Human expertise — enhanced by technology

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. By leveraging years of experience and unparalleled expertise, we empower organisations to make better decisions.

UK Based

Global Reach


Years in highways management solutions


Assets under operational and strategic management



Operational Asset Management

Manage any asset type, smarter

Enjoy total flexibility when creating any asset, any attribute, and any lifecycle management solution that fits your assets and your organisation.

The future of infrastructure asset management, Alloy is a solution that allows you to connect your people, systems and assets — in a single platform.

Strategic Asset Management

Make better strategic decisions and plan for the future

Our Strategic Asset Management solution helps you turn your operational data into smart, intelligent decisions. You’ll also make significant savings.

Cloud-based, intuitive and highly visual, Horizons is a platform that gives you the data insights you need to strategically plan for the future.


See what else we can do for your organisation

Beyond our core platforms Alloy and Horizons, we offer a range of holistic services — designed to help you drive efficiencies and success.


Seamlessly integrate our software into your unique business processes. Our team will be on-hand, every step of the way.

Consulting Services

Our team of experts will also support and guide you, optimising your systems and helping you understand your data.


Get comprehensive training across our product suite to help your teams level up, without the hassle.


Get first-class Customer Support via our dedicated Support Team.


Leverage our industry expertise

With experience working across the public, private, local and national spheres, our solutions are flexible and can be customised to work just for you.

  • Public
  • EV
  • Contractors
  • Infrastructure Owners


Leverage Alloy and Horizons to better manage your assets.


Easily manage your Electric Vehicle (EV) network — charging points, locations and more.


Deliver continuous improvement and added value services to your clients.

Infrastructure Owners

Focus on your business growth while Alloy better manages your assets.

Service Areas & Assets

Your service area, covered

Highways, street lighting, waste, street cleansing, grounds, drainage, smart cities — whatever the service area, we’ve got you covered.

Manage every single asset

Easily maintain any asset within your service area. Either choose from a set of blueprints or simply build your own using our smart design tool.

Kickstart your journey to smarter asset management

Book your free demo of Alloy or Horizons to experience the power of our technology first-hand.