Plan smarter than ever before 

Transform how you strategically manage your assets with Horizons, the platform that helps you visualise data, save money and justify budgets.

Core Benefits

Engage stakeholders like never before

From running investment scenarios to creating lifecycle plans, Horizons has been uniquely designed to improve stakeholder engagement and funding.

  • Develop lifecycle plans
  • Mobilise lifecycle plans
  • Apply local or political factors
  • Bring stakeholders onboard
"Horizons provides information in a very easy to understand format, which was one of its key attractions to us, particularly in helping us with communicating with Council members and the public…. The system uses ‘whole-of- life-costings’ methodology enabling us to get the best value from available funds."
Mick Lucas, Public Realm Asset Manager


Create a clear view of your network

Horizons gives you a unique view of your asset data enabling you to view your highway network inventory and condition data together.

Transparency in your data and decisions

Take your data and integrate it spatially, using the interface to transparently view and share your data with stakeholders.


Analyse and plan effectively

Horizons Analysis helps you take the next step forward in Strategic Asset Management by supporting decision making over the short, medium and long term.

All Features

Explore the Horizons platform

Cloud Hosted

Realise significant savings and justify bigger, more appropriate budgets to ensure required service levels are achieved.


Tools and APIs are available to sync Horizons with works ordering/CRM systems, to guarantee seamless internal processes.


Quickly and easily generate simple reports on network condition or detailed reports on condition scenarios.

Import & Export

Import common data formats from the user interface, and enjoy the flexibility to add new layers of data when you need.

Video Playback

Import video for an extra view of your network, and save time by reviewing sites, taking measurements or projecting data.


Model investment and performance scenarios by using your own data to predict future deterioration.

Strategic Outputs

Implement asset management across all authorities, including code of practice and the DfT Incentive Fund.

Skid Resistance Model

Horizons takes the risk-based approach and applies it to your network to identify and prioritise high-risk sites.

Connect with Alloy

Easily integrate operational data from Alloy to Horizons, then use that data to make better strategic decisions around day-to-day operations.

Kickstart your journey to smarter asset management

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