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Yotta’s Partner Program is designed for software and consultancy companies that offer complementary solutions and services. Together we will create an innovative offer so that a combination of our specialisms helps our customers adopting new technology hassle-free.

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Yotta offers two type of partnerships in our program; technology partnerships and resellers.

When you join the Yotta Partner Program, you are joining a partner ecosystem that together is making digital, IT, resource, and digital transformation real to organisations across the globe — every single day.

You will be part of a team of partners all working together from their own specialisms to create the best offer for our customers.

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Panasonic TOUGHBOOK has never been just another player in the rugged computing market. It defined the market.

For over 20 years TOUGHBOOK has been redefining the possibilities of access to data and applications in challenging of environments. Creating new opportunities for mobile working and helping to transform the productivity of businesses the world over.


Telensa makes wireless smart city applications, helping cities around the world save energy, work smarter and deliver more joined-up services for their citizens. Telensa PLANet is the world’s most deployed smart streetlight solution, with a footprint of 1.8 million lights.


PMS pioneered advanced pavement deterioration prediction techniques used to optimise road maintenance planning over long durations. They provided these services to the Contractor for one of the first public private partnership (PPP) schemes, commencing in 1995.

PMS was also the first company in Australia to use Falling Weight Deflectometers to assess pavement strength.


Asset Infra is a reseller of Asset Management Software solutions and strategic partner to its clients, providing software and services to increase efficiency, reduce cost and maximize availability of public infrastructure assets.


bbits encourage and support improvements in society through sustainable business models and are the leading mobile data capture and information exchange platform with their hugely successful Love Clean Streets™ service. Pushing the boundaries of technology with simple, useful, elegant apps and smart integrated cloud services, bbits are leading the way in citizen engagement and business transformation.


IEG4 enables digital transformation for the public sector that is simply effective. They understand citizens’ ever-changing expectations and that novel approaches to both answering queries and automating service requests are key.

Their cloud-based solutions seamlessly integrate with back office systems, and, designed alongside our customers, we make digital services more attractive for citizens to use.


SocietyWorks provides a complete suite of local authority services for highways, environment and the public realm, incorporating everything from street reporting and waste management to Freedom of Information and licence applications.

With over a decade of experience designing user centric, intuitive services alongside partner councils, all of SocietyWorks’ services, including their core product, FixMyStreet Pro, integrate fully with Yotta’s Alloy connected asset management system, which improves the quality of information entering Alloy, creates significant savings for councils and produces a smoother user experience for citizens and council staff alike.


ITINERIS is a Road Engineering Consulting Company, specialised in studies and designs, consultancies, diagnostics and road infrastructure management for streets, highways, ports and airports.

They have a remarkable experience in the service of studies and designs of pavements, pavement management, studies of road geotechnics, geometric designs of roads, and traffic engineering.


Exactrak provide vehicle tracking and monitoring systems optimised for local authority applications, which help users achieve significant cost savings, increase productivity and improve efficiencies.

They have a wealth of industry knowledge, built up over 30+ years of working with local authorities and highways contractors across the UK.


Van der Meijden – Management and advice was founded in 2015. Our mission is to help companies in the waste industry to optimise their business processes succesfully. We do that by giving advise and support in the field of automation, digitisation, process optimisation and business operations.


Integrated Skills Limited (“ISL”) is a specialist provider of GIS based route optimisation software solutions, route optimisation consultancy and related in-cab and online solutions. ISL solutions maximise efficiency resulting in reductions in fleet size, mileage, fuel and planning time as well as more balanced routes/rounds, more accurate ETAs and enhanced route management information.

The software is used in operational and strategic environments, eg, for scenario planning when introducing new customers, routes & services and for fleet replacement programmes,. ISL has clients in the UK, USA, Europe and across MENA.


Enevo’s waste technology creates custom waste solutions with its IoT sensor technology. Sensors monitor container fill levels and collections while its software suite analyzes and predicts waste behavior, creating appropriate collection schedules to match each location’s unique performance.

By eliminating unnecessary collections and the most sustainable collection routes, Enevo technology builds cost-effective and efficient waste practices.


EPM Solutions exists to help other organisations manage their assets. They provide specialised professional Engineering and Asset Management services for organisations that operate in industrial and hazardous environments.

EPM structure practical processes and systems that provide confidence and governance, delivering an assurance of asset integrity and compliance.

Business solutions and services are closely aligned to the requirements of ISO55000; the international reference standard for the optimal management of physical assets, but not wedded to it.


Recipient of the Australian IoT Pioneer Award 2019 and the FMA FM Industry Awards for Excellence 2019 for Industry Innovation and most recently, the Global FM Highly Commended Award of

Excellence in FM 2020, Blue IoT is a disruptive smart cities vendor and integrator renowned for ‘Encompass Blue’ – the world’s first cloud-based IoT platform suite for smart cities management. Driven by a Greentech/Proptech and systems thinking 360-degree approach, Blue IoT strives to be an exemplary global player in delivering to the triple bottom line


GPC is an award-winning software house with over 25 years of experience working with a range of sectors across the globe. GPC works with emerging technologies including innovative dimensioning 3D software, 3D camera technology, AI and AR across health, government, logistics and B2B.

The company’s WoundMeasure 3D dimensioning wound calculator is being used to accurately depict the measurements of a wound, being used with many corners of the UK’s NHS as well as across the globe’s healthcare industry. In relation to highways, its Highways Measure solution is being used similarly to measure the different road textures for UK councils and has been used by NASCAR racetrack in Las Vegas. GPC’s latest software package is for Freight Measure to accurately dimension global air freight and logistics.


PiP IoT gives organisations the power to make smarter business decisions faster and at lower cost through near real-time information about the location and operating condition of their assets.

PiP’s compact, ultra-rugged sensor devices are engineered for long-life performance assuring the integrity and continuity of the data that organisations need to transform their operational effectiveness, efficiency and service delivery experiences.

The PiP data service connects easily with management dashboards, or other systems, to provide instant visibility of device data and enable decisions that deliver the most valuable outcomes.


CIMCON Lighting is focused on helping cities become smarter, safer and more sustainable by providing solutions that maximize their streetlight infrastructure to provide “smart lighting” and create a “street pole economy” that will help monetize assets located on or near the streetlight pole.

Our LightingGale Central Management System and intelligent controls, and our NearSky smart city platform are fixture, network and device agnostic and can satisfy the unique needs of any city.

The NearSky platform provides superior data collection and analysis that lets a city gather, visualize and act on data at the street level to increase city efficiency and safety.


Vaisala is a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements. Building on 85 years of experience, Vaisala provides observations for a better world, with space-proof technology even exploring Mars and beyond. We are a reliable partner for customers around the world, offering a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products and services. Headquartered in Finland, Vaisala employs over 1,900 professionals worldwide.


Greentalk is an ecotech startup, utilising powerful technology to connect land managers and their stakeholders to improve the environment for all. Greentalk lets business, government, charities and land managers connect with and empower their stakeholders to drive positive, collaborative environmental change. The company’s licensed product, available in three plans, is an online, consumer-facing map-based tool enabling users to discover and interact with green infrastructure in a pre-defined area of any size from a city park to a whole country.

Technology Partners

Technology Partners

Together with our technology partners we build complementary solutions and joint innovations. We integrate complementary products via open interfaces and standards to make outstanding solutions and align services for our customers to have the best experience possible.



At Yotta we work with a network of resellers worldwide with a track record in the Strategic and Operational Asset management industry. We see our reseller network as an extension of our Global Sales Team, and we are always on standby to support.

By joining our reseller team you will have access to our product and solutions catalogue, exciting new products and marketing promotions, and access to a team of highly skilled customer service specialists.

So, if you are an organisation interested in selling and supporting our innovative solutions then please get in touch.

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