Public Sector

Manage your assets and services efficiently

From local and regional authorities, to national and state agencies, Yotta has unparalleled experience working with leading public sector organisations.

Service Areas & Assets

Your service area and assets, covered

  • Highways
  • Street Lighting
  • Drainage
  • Trees
  • EV Charging
  • Grounds & Parks
  • Street Cleansing
  • Waste & Recycling


Manage your highway assets — from inspections and maintenance to strategic lifecycle planning and funding — for a safer, serviceable road, cycleway and footway network.

Street Lighting

From electrical testing, inspections and maintenance to LED replacement programmes — manage your lighting and electrical assets to control costs and improve energy efficiency.


Support timely and effective inspection and maintenance regimes to reduce the impact of surface water risks to public safety.


Accurately capture and manage your arboreal assets, plan inspection regimes and manage risk to ensure the safety of highways, pedestrian areas, parks and green spaces.

EV Charging

Manage your EV network assets - now and into the future

Grounds & Parks

Create safe and well-maintained parks and public green spaces with robust management of all scheduled and reactive activity.

Street Cleansing

Keep public spaces clean and safe with comprehensive coordination of all mechanized and manual cleansing activity.

Waste & Recycling

Transform your domestic and commercial waste and recycling services to reduce costs and increase citizen satisfaction.


Operational asset management — future-proofed

Provide resilient public realm services fit for today and the future with Alloy.

Save money

Alloy can be used as a single system across multiple service areas, so you can rationalise the number of systems you have (and therefore save money).

Improve service delivery

Configure Alloy to your own business needs, get automated workflows — then instantly communicate the right activities to staff in the field.

Transform citizen experience

Integrate with any third party system so you can better manage service demand and automatically update citizens for a full end-to-end experience.


Deliver value and make better decisions

Use Horizons to strategically plan future investment needs, engage stakeholders, make significant savings and justify budgets.

Transform existing asset data

Make best use of your existing asset data (and bring it together with new data) to make more informed decisions.

Streamline maintenance

Understand backlogs of maintenance across multiple regions, manage contractors and delegate maintenance decisions.

Get buy-in from stakeholders

Engage stakeholders and decision-makers with complex data, performance and budgets by using visualisations to bring everything to life.

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