Protect your green assets for current residents and future generations 

Trees are critical to the Earth’s ecosystem, a huge feature of the natural environment and assets your community truly cares about. Protect and cherish these green assets with Yotta.

Core Benefits

Connected tree management

Schedule and monitor surveys and inspections, create and manage remedial action plans, optimise work schedules, manage budgets, staff and contractors and prepare strategic management plans.

Visualise your green assets

Create, track and visualise trees/polygon records across multiple site, territory and national map layers, overlay with custom data such a tree risk zones and access key asset information through a customisable dashboard.

Work the way you want

Alloy is designed to be highly flexible. Easily add new basemaps, create individual trees as assets, or use Alloy’s poly-select function to identify a group of trees or a green space. Record key data against these assets such as species, ownership, history of works, TPO (Tree Preservation Order) details and CAVAT (Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees) scores.

Go anywhere with mobile

Use mobile devices in the field to access map layers, surveys and work schedules; update progress on individual jobs and record notes.

Embrace the future

Looking to the future, Alloy allows sensor and control components to be added to your assets allowing you to gather data such as growth and lean so you can automatically initiate maintenance requests without the need for inspections.

Future-proofed technology

Alloy is the world’s first connected asset management platform for your trees and green assets. Built specifically for the web and mobile, its software as a service (SaaS) subscription delivery model is affordable and quick to implement and highly flexible to adapt to the changing needs of your organisation over time.

No more data silos

Break down operational silos and improve efficiency across council and contract boundaries by tracking, connecting and visualising every asset in one graphical solution.

Engage, educate and manage

Add a wealth of green data, track and sort your green assets across multiple variables such as age, species, height and rarity. Find and order replacement trees at the touch of a button. Engage the public by linking important trees through automatically created walks and provide educational insights through mobile and audio.

Next up

Explore the other assets you can manage with Yotta

Grounds, Parks and Play Areas

Turn grounds maintenance into child’s play

Our public parks, green spaces and play areas provide valuable mental and physical health and well-being benefits for everyone. So, keeping them clean, safe and well maintained is crucial – but challenging with ever decreasing budgets. Cost effectively streamline your green space management cost-effectively with Alloy.


Take the digital road to a safe, resilient and reliable highway network

Optimise the management, operation, maintenance and improvement of all your highway assets to meet the needs of road users right now and in the future.

Kickstart your journey to smarter asset management

Book your free demo of Alloy or Horizons to experience the power of our technology first-hand.